How to Say Thank you in Islam – An Adorable Act 

how to say thank you in islam

Thanks mean gratitude or recognition in response to someone acting kindly or generously.

How to say thanks in Islam 

Islam says we should be grateful to God for blessings.

Here are some ways to say thanks

  • We need to realize and appreciate all our blessings by and within the heart.
  • Using your tongue to say thanks.
  • Doing righteous things to express gratitude.
  • It’s our gratitude and appreciation.
  • Through our speech, we fortify that thankfulness.
  • Third, when we show God how grateful we are for our deeds.
  • To whom we should be Thankful 

People often talk about the importance of being thankful, but they usually do not mention to whom we should be giving thanks. Think it well nigh. 

When you say: “Thank You,” you usually say it to someone. So, who deserves our thanks, our gratitude, and our praise?

Allah says in the Quran,

“It’s Allah, the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful. Allah, Lord of the worlds, deserves all the praise.”

[Quran 1:1-2]

Different ways to say Thanks to Allah

Think about His blessings in your life

Begin by reflecting upon all that is worthwhile in your life. (remember and retell) all the good things in your mind or jot them down – including your relationships, abilities, (things people own), and (challenging things accomplished or completed).

Be content at heart.

Do not wish for what others have; instead, be happy with what you can buy/own/receive without overworking yourself or stepping all over upon someone else to get there.

Express thankfulness with words

Call upon Allah daily to express how thankful you are for His favors. Begin your daily prayer of thankfulness with the words, “O Allah, I am thankful to You for giving me all these blessings,” and then (remember and retell) them individually” – as many as you can.

Strictly follow the commands of Allah.

  •  By strictly following (the orders) Allah, you are admitting/recognizing/responding to His (being more decisive and better than everything else) over you and His many favors upon you.
  • Thank people who do good for you
  • Express thankfulness to anyone who does something for you – no matter how small. 
  • Do not dismiss any kind word or deed as silly/extremely easy, and make it a point to admit/recognize/respond to the person there for you. 
  • Rudeness (because of not appreciating something) to people is equal to rudeness (because of not appreciating something) towards Allah, as the Predictor of the future ï·º said, “He who does not thank people is not thankful to Allah.”

Share your blessings with others.

Everything you possess (in the end) belongs to Allah; you are only its custodian and receiver (of money, etc.) for a time. In this way, sharing your blessings with fellow humans makes sense. 

Allah describes helping those in need as giving Allah a “good loan,” which He will repay many times (Quran 2:245).

Do not waste your blessings.

Wasting food, water, and other useful things/valuable supplies is a sign of not caring one way or the other about Allah’s blessings. The Predictor of the future ï·º used to strongly encourage people to “clean the dish” while eating and not to leave any particle of food behind.

Remain committed in times of ease

It is easy to imagine that nothing can go wrong in good times. But unfortunately, because of this, one may end up neglecting the memory of Allah and becoming soaked up (like a towel) in worldly life.


How do Muslims say thank you to God?

Alhamdulillah (Arabic: ٱلْحَمْدُ لِلَّٰهِ, al-Ḥamdu lillāh) is an Arabic phrase meaning “praise be to God”, sometimes translated as “thank God”. This phrase is called Tahmid (Arabic: تَحْمِيد, lit.

What is the root of thankful?

Thanks come from the Latin root “gratus,” which means “thankful” or “pleasant.”

How do you say thanks in Quran?

To be humble, answer with “ash-shaker lillah” (الشكر لله) to say “all thanks to Allah.”

How do Muslims respond to thank you?

Although the standard Arabic word for “thanks” is shukran (شُكْرًا), Jazāk Allāhu Khayran is often used by Muslims instead, in the belief that Allah’s reward is superior.

Can Islam say thank God?

Alhamdulillah means “Praise be to God” or “Thank God”. Muslims, as well as non-Muslims, use this term but in different languages.

What means mashallah?

God willed it

(Islam) Expressing the speaker’s gratitude for a blessing or their recognition of divine intervention.

How do you perform Shukr?

The Method of performing the Sajdah of Shukr is that a person should say the Takbeer and go into Sajdah while facing the Qiblah.

Why should we always give thanks to Allah?

The blessings bestowed by Allah are more than what we can count. Showing gratitude is one way of recognizing the favors of Allah on you, and you are bound to have more.

Which surah to recite to thank Allah?

Dua for being thankful to Allah SWT – Surah Az-Zumar 

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