How to deal with unfair parents in Islam – The Best Way 

How to deal with unfair parents in Islam

We sometimes have to acknowledge the possibility of unfair parental behavior. According to Islam, a parent’s choices or behaviors may affect their child.

Some instances of abusive parenting 

  • acting hostilely but subtly
  • requiring their kids to pursue a degree
  • being violent and verbally rude to youngsters
  • manipulating their relationship with their kids for their gain
  • Not allowing their child enough room to grow independently Restricting their child’s natural interaction without cause

What does “fair” signify in the Islamic tradition?

Islam interprets the word “fair” as treating everyone equally and having compassion for one’s offspring. So, for example, you can buy presents for your kids. Additionally, praising their actions might help a lot.

The Qur’an contains mentions of Allah SWT.

Indeed, Allah asks you to give faith to those it is due and to decide between people justly. That which Allah informs you is excellent. Allah is aware of everything at all times.

The hadith is provided in the section below.

As you would like your children to be loyal and compassionate toward you, treat them fairly in the grant.” (Al-Baihaqi)

Get family and friends Assistance. 

You are expected to respect your parents as a child. So the usual norm is that, but if they are not doing it, Get family and friends to assist you.

Then, it would be wise to seek Assistance. But first, ask your friends or family for Assistance in escaping the situation.

Anas Ibn Malik NArrates from Prophet (PBUH )

“You should help your brother, whether he’s the oppressor or the oppressed”

People then asked, “O Allah’s Messenger ( ), it is good to help those oppressed, but how can we help those who oppress us?”

The Prophet (ﷺ) said these beautiful;l words “By stopping him from oppressing others.

[Sahih Bukhari ]

Make Supplications

Additionally to requesting Assistance, it is advised to provide supplications. Ask Allah to assist you and get you out of the predicament. The Most are Allah. The cries of the oppressed are immensely potent.

Allah Almighty ordered the Prophet. 

Beware of the supplication of the afflicted, for there is no curtain between them and Allah.” 

[Sahih Bukhari ]

Do not feel hatred towards your unfair parents.

“Son, if you can, keep your heart free from hate toward anyone from morning until night and from night until morning,” the Prophet urged a companion.

My dear son! He who loves my laws and loves me, and this is one of my laws.

Having toxic parents and hating them makes your life toxic.


In a nutshell, they have a lot of obligations as parents. Things might eventually become rather complicated as a result of this. But, as Muslims by birth, You should always work to strengthen the bonds of kinship

You are being tested by Allah SWT on how to handle unjust parents while practicing Islam. Therefore, you must ask the Assistance of the Almighty if you want to pass this test.


What does Islam say about controlling parents?

As with most Islam rules, there are exceptions. For example, it’s never okay to obey one’s parents if they tell us something sinful.

Do I have to respect my parents in Islam?

In Quran, Allah has commanded us multiple times to be kind towards our parents, and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) reportedly instructed his companions to take good care of their parents.

What are the responsibilities of parents to their children in Islam?

They should not only be present to provide food, shelter, and good education for them, but they are the ones who shape them into good or bad humans.

Who has more rights over a child?

In general, it is believed that mothers have more rights than fathers. However, if both parents are responsible for their children, their rights and responsibilities are equal.

What age does parental responsibility end?

Parental responsibility never comes to an end. 

Who does a child need more, mother or father?

Father and mother – children need both of them for healthy development. So it is less about gender-specific role models and more about biological sex itself.

What does Islam say about rude parents?

So parents who mistreat their children will be punished.

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