Is Oreo Biscuit Halal or Haram in Islam? (Authentic Answer)

Is Oreo Halal

Oreo is a brand of sandwich cookie consisting of two biscuits or cookie pieces with a sweet cream filling. It was introduced by Nabisco on March 6, 1912.

Concept of Halal and HARAM in Islam

Followers of Islam are allowed to eat foods wrapped or others only when their ingredients are derived from halal sources and fulfill the requirements of cleanliness. 

Allah said in his Holy Book:

“O mankind! Eat of that which is lawful and wholesome, and follow not the footsteps of the devil. Lo! he is an avowed enemy of you.”  [Qur’an: 2:168].

Is Oreo Biscuit Halal or Haram

Oreos are one of those recognizable cookies from our childhood just like marshmallows! Since the introduction of the original Oreo cookie, the company has expanded its brand to include a variety of flavors and fillings. But, with all of the changes, you may be wondering is Oreo biscuit halal or haram in Islam?

Ingredients of Oreo

Oreo is halal or haram depending upon its ingredients…

Unbleached Enriched Flour (Wheat Flour, Niacin, Reduced Iron, Thiamine Mononitrate {Vitamin B1), Riboflavin {Vitamin B2}, Folic Acid), Sugar, Palm and/or Canola Oil, Cocoa (Processed with Alkali), High Fructose Corn Syrup, Leavening (Baking Soda and/or Calcium Phosphate), Salt, Soy Lecithin, Chocolate.

So having a look at the ingredients there is nothing to say haram or unclean according to the rules and regulations of Islamic law.

Is Oreo halal in Muslim countries? 

The simplest answer is the most obvious one. Oreo cookies are made by Continental Biscuits in Pakistan, which is certified halal.

Even their packaging comes with a Halal label.

Final Thought 

After having a detailed look at the ingredients and manufacturing of Oreo I concluded that most of the Oreo cookies and biscuits are manufactured in Malaysia which is a Muslim country.)

Secondly in every country edibles are always manufactured according to the demand and needs of the residents of that country may people living in North America, and the UK have alcohol traces or other HARAM ingredients in their Oreo. We can not say that they are certified halal because people living in those areas do not mind. But in Muslim countries, it is certified halal.


Are OREO cookies suitable for vegetarians?

Yes, OREO products are veggie-friendly!

Are OREO cookies gluten-free?

Unfortunately not as we use wheat in the OREO recipe.

Are OREO cookies nut free?

OREO products do not contain nut or nut traces.

Does OREO contain soya?

Yes, our OREO recipe does contain soya.

Are OREO cookies suitable for lactose/dairy-free diets?

No, because of the cross-contact of milk.

Where can I buy the different OREO varieties?

You can find our OREO products in most major retailers in the UK

Do OREO cookies contain palm oil?

Since 2018 we have maintained 100% RSPO in palm oil. 

Where are OREO cookies produced?

The majority of OREO products are produced in Spain, however, some are also produced in the Czech Republic and Ukraine.

Why can’t I buy OREO flavors from other countries in the UK?

Our recipes and flavors vary from country to country to meet local taste buds.

Do Oreos contain carcinogens?

Among the carcinogenic biscuits were also Oreo, Marie, and Pretz wafers.

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