Is Rabbit halal (A controversial meat Among Muslims)

Is Rabbit halal

Rabbits are adorable and cuddly animals. They are also quite intelligent and can be trained to do tricks and obey commands. They are also extremely friendly and social.

Some people love to keep them as a pet, but some want to enjoy their meat, also. So they are often cooked by roasting, baking, or stir-frying to preserve the delicate flesh. Its popularity stems from its hot, gamey flavor.

Here are a few questions one must ask oneself before consuming the tasty rabbit flesh, especially in the freezing winter.

It is served in various ways and is loved worldwide, but is it even halal?

Is there a difference between different schools of thought among Muslims on eating rabbit meat? 

What are the reasons why both schools of thought disagree about rabbit meat?

This article will discuss How Suni and Shia Muslims think about rabbit meat’s halal and haram status. 

Is Rabbit halal

The perspective of Sunni Muslims

Rabbit meat is halal, according to Sunni Scholars, because of the following hadees narrated by Hazrat Ans Ibn e Malik (R.A.): 

He Narrates,  

“At Mar az Zahran (name of a place ), we hunted a rabbit.” While chasing it, the people ran out of breath. As soon as I reached there, I grabbed it and gave it to Abu Talhah (radiyallahu ‘anhu), who slaughtered it and sent the back legs or thighs to Rasulullah (PBUH). 

Did he eat part of it? I inquired. He said, “Some of it he ate.” Later on, he added, “He accepted it.” (Bukhari and Tirmizi ) 

Similarly, its a grass-eating animal and also eaten by the prophet (PBUH) according to the hadees mentioned above, so Sunni scholars consider it halal to eat. 

Shia’s frame of mind about Eating Rabbit meat 

Shia Muslims consider it haram to eat rabbit meat and give the following reasons. 

  • Whenever, before the prophet (PBUH) and former community committed any act against Allah’s will, Allah would punish them by degenerating their whole body structure into animal shape. Therefore, since the RabbitRabbit is also a degenerated structure of those disobeying people, Shia Scholar declares it haram.
  • According to the rule, those animals with paws are haram; since RabbitRabbit also has paws (like an animal), it’s haram to eat. 
  • Female rabbits experience the menstrual cycle just like women, so eating is prohibited. 

Question and Answers

Is a pet rabbit halal to eat?

Rabbits are considered kosher animals, which means Muslims can eat them. But according to Shia Muslims, it’s haram to eat. If you’re in non-muslim countries then you might be having a question is octopus halal and many other animals? The answer is very simple, read our complete guide to learn more about it.

What are five interesting facts about Rabbits?

1. Rabbits are omnivorous and eat both plants and meat.

2. Rabbits are the only mammal that can retract their ears.

3. Rabbits are diurnal, meaning they are active during the day and sleep at night.

4. Rabbits are the only animal that can vocalize.

5. Rabbits have a brief gestation period, only about 30 days.

Are rabbits friendly with humans?

Yes! They are very gentle and loving. Rabbits are often kept as pets because they are very affectionate and friendly. They are also spotless animals.

Are rabbits imaginative and intelligent animals?

Rabbits are brilliant and have a great deal of memory. As a result, they can learn a variety of tasks and can be trained to perform tricks.

What are the nutritional benefits of rabbit meat?

The protein in rabbit meat is excellent. However, in comparison to other meats, it also contains more water. Moreover, it contains a lot of iron, which the body needs. As a result, it has a minimal fat and cholesterol content.


Sunni Muslims consider rabbit meat to be halal, while Shia Muslims consider it to be haram.

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