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Is shrimp Halal

Islam gives far more latitude for eating foods not mentioned in the Quran. Therefore, a general explanation of the Islamic laws and regulations relating to eating shrimp is provided below.

Some claim that because shrimp can only be consumed alive with hoods on their heads and their tails hanging down, it is occasionally prohibited as an unclean animal (Arabic: arak).

Different Islamic School opinions

Maliki School of thoughts

 According to the Maliki school, it is OK to avoid eating the shrimp’s head, which is considered a body component.

Hanafi Thoughts 

shrimp that have been torn out of their shells are authorized, according to the Hanafi school, as doing so would be deemed “consuming what was slain” (lahma ajrun).

According to Fiqh Hanbali

According to the Hanbali school, shrimp can only be consumed while its head and tail are still attached.

Shia point of view  

According to the Shia school of thinking, shrimp can only be consumed cooked or while still alive.

Sunni School of thought 

Finally, according to the Sunni school of thought, eating shrimp in any way is acceptable.

Reason for eating shrimp 

Since shrimp is a sea creature and is halal to consume, it is included in the list of animals that are acceptable to consume in any form.

Islam’s list of halal foods

 Therefore, only live shrimp should be used in a recipe or cooked before eating if one wants to be safe when consuming shrimp.

If you are still determining their origin, you may always ask the chef where the shrimp in a dish came from and what species they are.


All Glory belongs to Allah, the Almighty.

Islam forbids the consumption of dead animals. Shrimps are not regarded as dead creatures. Both Muslims and non-Muslims are permitted to butcher shrimp (Salamisah). Shrimp blood is a pure, natural liquid that does not impact the shrimp’s suitability for consumption.


Are shrimp and prawns the same?

Prawns have three claw-like legs, while shrimp have only one pair.

Which seafood is haram?

Any fish without scales are haram, but fish with scales are permissible.

Can Muslims eat oysters?

Hanafis consider oysters and crabs to be haram. A sea animal can only be halal if it is fish, according to Hanafi Fiqh.

Can Muslims eat snails?

Though both Muslims and Christians eat snails, they are more popular among Christians, as land snails come under the rule against eating insects in some Islamic sects.

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