Story of Prophet Nooh (PBUH)

story of hazrat Noah

Hazrat Noah(PBUH)

Hazrat Noah (peace be upon him) was Allah’s prophet, Adam Sani (1300-1000 BCE).

People were suffering from a variety of evils during his time, including theft, dishonesty, betrayal of trust, telling lies, shameful deeds, despising the weak, quarreling, and killing others.

Wrong beliefs of Qou’m e Noah.

 People used to worship idols. Idols were given the status of God. They believed that idols would get angry if they were not worshipped. According to them, whoever does not worship idols is ignorant and stupid. So they had built idols: Wadd, Suwâ’, Yaghûth, Ya’ûq, and Nasr.

Preaching of Noah

Hazrat Noah (peace be upon him) used to call his people and order them to do good deeds. And do not worship idols. So one day, he organized a banquet. All people participated in the BanquetBanquet. Among the guests, there were poor, rich, and chieftains too. Chieftains did not like to sit with the poor. They used to look down on and hate them, but Hazrat Nuh (peace be upon him) united them all.

The message of Noah at the Banquet 

 When the people inquired about the reason for organizing the BanquetBanquet, he said:

“Brothers, there has been corruption among the people. The biggest problem is that the power class dominates the weak; those who are weak are also our brothers.

  All satanic work besides that you worship idols made by your own hands; these idols are creatures like you and are inferior to you; where is the wisdom in this? I have come to inform you of a great punishment.”

The crowd’s questions and Noah’sWise answer:

“One of the guests said, “Strange person, we have been told to leave our gods and not to worship them.

Hazrat Nuh (peace be upon him) said, “I do not say that you should stop worshiping; worship only the One who created the whole world.”

One said: Noah keeps saying this; we did not come to hear words against our gods.

Noah and the feeble old man

 Once, Hazrat Nuh (peace be upon him) was passing through a road, and he saw an older man. But, unfortunately, he was too weak to walk. So Hazrat Nuh (peace be upon him) inquired, Do you have a home?

The older man replied I have seven sons. They have thrown me out of the house due to old age. So I have nothing to eat. “Hazrat Nuh (peace be upon him) took him to his house and said he should stay in this house. I will give you food.

 The older man’s faith in Noah

When Hazrat Noah prayed, a stranger entered the house, he had a bowl in his hand, and there were all kinds of food in it. He said to Hazrat, I have brought this food for your guest. That Allah does not starve anyone.” That older man believed in Hazrat Nuh (peace be upon him).

Noah’s call to the people to goodness

 One day he left the house for guidance. He stood in a high place and said, “People, I am calling to goodness; Allah has sent me as a prophet to guide you people; obey what I say.” So you will be benefited. Serve your parents, don’t hurt them, fulfill the needs of the needy, help the orphans, widows, and the needy, and visit the If you all follow the commandments of God, He will send rain abundantly for you. 

 The stoning of Noah by ignorant people

Once, it happened that Hazrat Nuh (peace be upon him) was passing through a road, and some people blocked his way and were about to kill him. Some people also threw stones; a person came forward and said to the people, “Why are you hitting him?” What harm has he done to you? So people say that it speaks against our idols.

Another person said that he says that I am a prophet; Allah has sent me as a prophet. He is a human being like us.

Noah gives proof As a prophet.

One of them said Why wouldn’t Allah make a chief or right man a prophet? Hazrat Nuh (peace be upon him) replied, “The greatest proof of my being a Messenger is that I am a member of your community, but despite this, I do not worship inanimate idols like you. The second great proof is that I am your people.” I am giving advice, but I do not ask for compensation from you. 

Noah’s appeal to the people to believe in Allah

Hazrat Nuh (peace be upon him) said: 

What has happened to your minds that you are worshiping stones? O people, worship Allah; he is worthy of worship. There is no god but Allah. When you believe in Allah, You will stay away from evil. Don’t you see that Allah created the moon and the sun, made a floor to walk on, and gave you blessings? ” 

The reaction of Stubborn people to Noah

When Hazrat Nuh (peace be upon him) said these things, the people put their fingers in their ears and were not ready to listen to a single word. 

On one occasion, Hazrat Nuh (peace be upon him) said to his people, “Now, you ignorant people, why do you not understand this? This world is a place of trial; good and evil are in front of you. O people, I warn you of the coming day. The day will not be of use to anyone. 

Noah’s prayer to Allah

 Hazrat Nuh (peace be upon him) prayed, O Lord, my Lord, I explained to my people day and night, called them to the truth, but they kept running away. Then, finally, when I explained the declaration and the secret, they put their fingers in their ears.


 Allah revealed to Hazrat Nuh (peace be upon him) that he should build an ark and say nothing about the wrongdoers.

According to Allah’s order, he started preparing the boat. Then, some people jokingly asked, O Noah, what are you building? You said that I am preparing a seat because the punishment from Allah is coming.

The slack Allah has given ending; when the time comes, only water will be seen everywhere. Whoever will ride in this boat, who will get rid of idolatry, will seek forgiveness for sins, and he will get a place in this boat.

People said, “O Noah, this land is dry. There are no signs that there will be enough water to float the boat. 

 Noah’s disillusionment with his people

“Hazrat Noah (peace be upon him) was utterly disappointed by such things, and there was no hope of reformation. When the boat was built, people would throw the dirt into the boat. Kafur used to go inside the boat to spread filth. It had become their routine.

Miraculous Recovery of leper from dirt

 Once a leper also entered the boat with his unholy purpose. A part of his enlarged body was covered with dirt; after some time, he saw that the part where the dirt was applied became good. Now he wondered what the matter was. Then he entered the boat, and the filth was all over his body, and he saw that he was completely healed.

 This word spread among the lepers, so they all entered the boat and started getting dirty. In this way, the whole boat became clean.

Allah’s Punishment 

 Hazrat Nuh (peace be upon him) prayed to Allah, O Lord, the people did not listen to me and followed such people whose wealth and children caused them great harm; if You allow them to live on the earth, then their children will be disbelievers.

Your prayer has been accepted, and Allah’s punishment has come. Boil water from the stream began to flow rapidly. The place from which the water boiled was a mosque in Kufa called the Prophet’s Mosque. On the other hand, dark clouds appeared in the sky.

Hazrat Nuh (peace be upon him) saw springs coming out of the ground, and Hazrat Nuh (peace be upon him) said this was a sign of punishment. The disbelievers said that storms keep coming, rains keep coming, and this is not something new doesn’t matter. After some time, the weather will change.


 Suddenly, a strong gust of wind mixed everything; then water started pouring, and the rain was so heavy that it was as if the sky had opened all its doors. So Hazrat Noah (peace be upon him) said get on the boat. Allah said that every pair of animals should also be taken in the boat. 

Hazrat Nuh (peace be upon him) was made for riding every animal of the tribe according to Allah’s order. All the animals were locked in a separate place in the boat. The water started flowing in every part of the earth, and now Noah’s ship started floating; the water was getting high. 

Dialogue between Allah and Noah

So the son replied, I will climb to the top of the mountain; the water will not reach there.

Then Hazrat Nuh (peace be upon him) recommended to Allah about his son that my son is drowning; he belongs to my family. So Allah said that he is not from your family, but your family is those who believe in you.

The terrible end for Noah’s people

The rain continued for forty days continuously. Everything that was on earth was drowned. The work of the disbelievers was finished. Those who believed in Noah (peace be upon him) got into the boat and were saved.

 The boat went to Koh Jodi and stayed, also called Ararat. While everyone was in the boat, Hazrat Noah (peace be upon him) saw a woman. There was an olive tree leaf in its beak; it was a symbol of peace and tranquility, meaning that the water had receded. 

Mount Jodi or Ararat

Mount Jodi, or Ararat, is in eastern Turkey. It is 16,900 feet high, is covered with snow, and borders Russia. A few thousand years ago, the boat was crushed by an avalanche.

A part of Noah’s boat came out of the snow.

Shreds of evidence of Noah’Ark

 According to other information, in 1929, archeologist Woolley and his colleague discovered traces of Noah’s storm at the site near Iraq. According to the Bible book of Genesis tradition, the event of Noah’s storm is related to the Tigris and Euphrates valleys.

Bible’s interpretation 

 Books written in ancient languages were discovered in Iraq. Among them, a great storm is mentioned in detail. An expert claims to have found traces of Noah’s storm in the city’s lowest level. In the inspired books of Christians and Jews, Ararat is mentioned about Noah’s storm. It is written in the Bible that Noah’s ark came to Mount Ararat on the seventeenth day of the seventh month.


Why is Prophet Nuh important?

Prophet Nuh told the people that Allah appointed him to deliver His messages to them.

How long did the prophet Noah live?

The last of the highly long-lived Noah ended 350 years after the flood, at 950 when Terah was 128.

How many children did Noah give birth to?

three sons

Who was the prophet before Nuh?


How tall the Noah’s Ark?

The ark should have been 144.6 meters long, 24.1 meters wide, and 14.46 meters tall—the size of a tiny cargo ship.

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