Story of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) | Introduction and Early Life 

Story of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) | Comprehensive Islam

Our beloved Prophet (PBUH) was born in the country of Arabia. Prophets continued to be sent to his land before. Invited to good, forbade from evil, our beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa was sent to him in the end. 

He also taught the same as the previous prophets. Our beloved Prophet was born on Monday morning, 12 or 17 Rabi Al-Awwal at Sadiq time in Makkah. The child was named “Muhammad”. 

It was the first time anyone had given such a unique and graceful name in Arabia. 

As a Muslim & believer in the finality of the prophet of Muhammad (PBUH). It’s our duty to study the messengers of Allah sent earlier, like Hazrat Isa (عليه السلام), Hazrat Musa (عليه السلام), and Hazrat Ibrahim (عليه السلام).

Story of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) | Mufti Menk

Abraha’s Attempt to Destroy Kabba 

Holi Kabba Picture | Comprehensive Islam

The ruler of Yamen, Abraha, marched on Makkah with over 60,000 men. He led a highly skilled and well-known army for their military skills while sitting on a tremendous white elephant.

There was a pebble in each bird’s beak and a pebble in each claw. Pebbles were pelted at the whole army. Finally, the pebbles fell on the soldiers’ heads and pierced through their bodies to reach the ground. As a result, the whole army died except for one soldier.

 After returning to king Najjashi, this soldier told him everything about the incident. Due to this event, the year was then known as “Aamul Fiel,”. Fiel means elephant, so Aamul Fiel” means the year of the elephant.

Halima Saadia – Foster Mother of Prophet (PBUH) 

 It was customary in Arabia that the child was handed over to the midwife as soon as it was born. And she used to take him to his village and bring him up under his supervision. So stay healthy and energetic, learn the clean language, in language there was eloquence.

 So, according to the same traditional constitution, he was handed over to Halima Sadia. Halima Saadia brought him to Makkah to Hazrat Amina when he was six years old. After some time, Hazrat Amina died.

Abdul Muttalib – The Grandfather and generous guardian of the Prophet (PBUH)

After losing his mother’s love, his grandfather Abdul Muttalib took over the responsibility of bringing him up. Abdul Muttalib raised him with love and affection. Then, after two years, he died, so Abu Talib took him. He took care of you in every way. And you continued to monitor him.

Abu Talib – Uncle and first Companion of Muhammad (PBUH) 

 When he became wiser, he used to go with Abu Talib on business trips. So you used to graze these goats, take care of your uncle’s cows and go to the forest to graze.

He (peace be upon him) went on many business trips with his friend Abu Talib. Learn how to buy and sell. I met many people during the journey and got a chance to interact with them. He used to visit Syria often.

Hazrat Khadija’s assistance in Prophets Business

There lived a woman in Makkah. The name was Khadija. She was a woman, but she was capable. She also traded and sent her wealth to Syria.

Hazrat Khadija knew Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and knew his high qualities and good manners. She heard people saying He is righteous and trustworthy, showing mercy to people.

Hazrat Khadija started saying in her heart that she should meet such a righteous and decent man; maybe he could help her in business. So he sent a message to him. 

Bibi Khadija asked the Holy Prophet (PBUH) to take this merchandise and sell it for her because she needed someone she could trust, and the Prophet was the best in this regard.

Huzoor Ya Allah accepted this offer. So they prepared to go to Syria with the goods of trade. So Hazrat Khadija took her 

labor Misra to serve Aap Diya Hai, and the caravan left. When he was going to the country of Syria, on the way there lived a Jewish rabbi near Basra.

Jewish Rabbi – Who Recognized Prophet (PBUH)

He passed by him for some time and sat in the shade of a tree. The Rabbi began to look at him carefully, called Misra to him with a gesture, and asked him. Who is this with you? He said that this person belonged to the Quraish tribe.

The Rabbi said: By God, no one except the Prophet sits under the shade of this tree. I wish I had lived till this person received Naburat.” On returning from the evening trip to Syria, Allah gave the money earned after selling the goods to Hazrat Khadijah. Hazrat Khadijah.

Marriage Proposal by Hazrat Khadija (R.A)

Hazrat Khadija was very impressed by the Prophet’s honesty and righteous character, so he sent a marriage proposal to him. 

The Prophet ﷺ accepted the offer. He was 25 years old, and Hazrat Khadijah was 40 years old.

So there was a difference of 15 years, but the marriage took place, Hazrat Hamza, Abu Talib, Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiq, and the Quraish brothers participated in the ceremony.

Anjuman Halaf-ul-Fazul:

In this way, misguidance spread throughout Arabia. There was an atmosphere of disorder and disorder everywhere. The life of the weak had become half-full; there was no such thing as justice. There was the same situation on the borders of Makkah. If a merchant from outside came with goods, he would be robbed.

Or someone buys goods without giving money; someone gives someone’s rights. These defects saddened Sarkar du Alam Hai. So Makkah’s serious and just people founded an organization called Halaf al-Fazhul, whose mission was to assist any oppressed person within the city limits of Makkah, whether a resident or a stranger. This act pleased Allah’s Messenger greatly.

Reconstruction of the Kaaba:

Reconstruction of Kabba  | Comprehensive Islam

Everyone knows that four thousand years ago, Hazrat Ibrahim (peace be upon him) laid the foundation of the Kaaba. Hazrat Ismail also participated in the construction. The Kaaba in the state it is seen today is very different from the ancient Kaaba in terms of durability and beauty.

 Centuries have passed, and even today, it belongs to Allah. The house is established. Sometimes it also happened that the building became rotten due to bad weather conditions and rains and needed to be repaired.

Dispute on the construction of Kabba and Solution Given by Muhammad (PBUH)

 When Sarkar Du Alam was 35 years old, the need arose again, and the construction work started. The construction of Kabba was almost complete except for placing the black stone; holding the black stone was a great honor for everyone.

 All the chiefs wanted this good fortune to come to him, so it was time to fight for it. Later, all the people agreed that the first person who entered the Kaaba early the following day would decide, and we would accept it. 

When they saw Sarkar-du-Alam approaching the Kaaba the next day, they all said together. Sadiq came, Amin came. The chiefs gave him the authority to decide, and he was appointed arbitrator. He called for a sheet, and in the middle, he placed the black stone with his blessed hands.

 After holding its corner from the chiefs, he took the black stone to the Kaaba. Everyone appreciated this fair decision of the Prophet ﷺ.

Solitude and Meditation of the Prophet (PBUH)

Rasool-e Akram used to spend every moment of his life worshiping Allah. He did everything according to the will of Allah. Once a companion Hazrat Ayesha was asked to say something about Hazrat Allah. Hazrat Ayesha said that. 

“the mention of Allah was always on the tongue of the Prophet ﷺwas.”

There is a mountain at a distance of three miles from Makkah; there is a cave here; this place is completely deserted, and this cave is known as Hira. Allah’s Messenger spent many days in this cave, remembering Allah and engaging in worship. 

First Revelation of the Quran

Revelation of the Quran  | Comprehensive Islam

He ﷺ engaged in divine remembrance when suddenly a luminous body appeared; it was Gabriel. The angel said, 

Read in the name of Allah Almighty who created (the universe) and created man from a clot of blood; read your Lord is the Most Generous who taught with the pen and gave man knowing that he did not know.

When Prophet told the whole incident to Hazrat Khadija, She said,

“I swear by God, Allah will not make you sad even if you give. You help relatives, speak the truth, and help the poor”.

Early People who Accepted Islam

  • Hazrat Khadijah Al-Kubri
  •  Hazrat Ali (R.A)
  • Hazrat Zayd bin Harith (the Prophet (PBUH) worker)
  • a long-time friend of Prophet Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiq (R.A) 

Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiq also brought the people under his influence to the circle of Islam, including Hazrat Uthman, Hazrat Zubair, and Hazrat Abdul Rahman.

Auf, Hazrat Saad bin Waqqas and Hazrat Talha were included. The number of believers continued to increase until the number of Muslims exceeded you.

May Allah Almighty help us to follow the instructions regarding every field of life given by our Beloved Prophet (PBUH).


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