Story of Hazrat Saleh | Prophet sent to a Riot Nation

Story of Hazrat Saleh

Prophet Saleh, also spelled Salih, was a blood relative of the great prophet Nuh (may peace be upon him). Allah sent him to the Thamud Nation in the Arabian city of Al Hijr. Over a few generations, the country matured and became extremely powerful, wealthy, and influential.

Civilization of Thamud 

 The particular occupation of the Thamud people was sheep rearing and trade. As a result, the Nation of Thamud was rich in wealth and physically strong. 

The moral depravity of the Thamud Nation

The moral condition of this Nation was not good; they were ready to fight and die. They killed innocent people, devoured the wealth of the weak, oppressed the weak, and worshiped idols.

Message of Hazrat Salih

 Allah sent Hazrat Salih as a prophet to bring this Nation to the right path. Hazrat Saleh (peace be upon him) used to say to them, “O people, worship Allah; there is no true god but Him. Allah has sent me as a prophet to warn you of Allah’s punishment.”

The Nation’s stubbornness

People of this Nation told Hazrat Saleeh, “We have wealth, power, and honor. If Allah were pleased to make Prophets, He would have made us like Prophets. If Allah were angry with us, He would have destroyed our fields. 

Thamud’s reason for worshiping Idols

We are blessed to live.” We do not give houses; we have numerous camels, goats, and horses to ride; this proves that our idols are very pleased with us, which is why we worship them. Curse the gods, do not stop us from worshiping them; we are happy, but those who obey are needy and poor, and so is your condition. 

The Nation’s demand for proof

Suppose you are a prophet, present proof or show a miracle. Hazrat Salih (peace be upon him) used to say to them, “Tell me what miracle you want to see.” 

Miracle of Hazrat Salih

Then they began to discuss what kind of miracle should be asked from them, then they all agreed that you had created a camel from these stones, and the camel is also such that it will give birth at the same time, and we will milk it. 

Hazrat Salih (peace be upon him) prayed to Allah, which was soon accepted. A camel appeared from among the stones, the camel was lovely, only after the camel appeared, grass grew in that place a water spring too released.

 The camel ate grass, drank water from the spring, gave birth to a baby within the same hour, and started giving milk. All the miracles that the infidels asked for were fulfilled, then Hazrat Salih (peace be upon him) said to his people, “Allah has fulfilled what you people wanted. Will you persist in your stubbornness?” The infidels said, “We do not believe.”

Atrocities on the Nation’s camel

 The infidels started harassing the camel; when the camel was thirsty and went to the well, they did not let her drink water, then they started beating the camel.

The advice of Hazrat Salih

 Hazrat Saleh (peace be upon him) used to say to them, “Don’t torture the camel; let it graze; let it go where it wants to go

One day, the camel will drink from the spring, and the next day, you and your animals will drink.” Let there be no difference in his daily routine; fear Allah and worship Him. Whatever you eat and drink, everything is given by Allah. It is all His grace. Your idols are of no use to you. 

The arrogance of the Thamud people 

The people did not stop showing up, nor did they follow the words of Hazrat Saleh (peace be upon him). Then, one day, Hazrat Saleh’s camel was suddenly killed. When He got the news of the murder, he got shocked. Tears flowed from His eyes.

Allah’s punishment on Thamud

 Then he said to his people. “Soon, the punishment of Allah will come upon you. You will not be able to escape from this punishment. After that, the clouds started thundering in the sky, the lightning flashed, and the Nation perished with thunder and lightning. 

Those who believe in you.” Allah saved them. Those who survived this disaster settled in different regions of Arabia. The destruction and destruction of the Nation of Thamud left traces of lessons between Hejaz and Syria.

Allah and His Prophet PBUH know the Best. 

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