Hazrat Isa | Miraculous Birth: Story of Isa ibn Maryam (Jesus PBUH)

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Hazrat Isa (peace be upon him) was Allah’s Prophet. Christians are those who believe in Hazrat Jesus (PBUH). Muslims also consider him to be Allah’s Prophet. Therefore, we must learn about a big story about Hazrat Isa with a cast of people. So, before knowing about the Prophet Isa (Jesus) story, we must know about Hazrat Maryam.

Prophet Isa (Jesus) PBUH Story

Vow of Hina:

Two thousand years ago, in the area near the Ancient Near East (Bait-ul-Maqdas), there lived an older man (Imran) and his wife (Hina), who were highly religious worshippers.

When Hina became pregnant, she pledged that if the child were a male, she would be sent to the service of the temple of worship. It was customary at the time to keep just boys for the service and maintenance of the synagogue.

Quranic Reference throughout  Surah Maryam 19:16-34 

 In Surah Al-Imran, it is like this.

Quran mentioned that Allah was listening when Imran’s wife said, “I offer this child who is in my womb. He will be devoted to your work. So accept this offer of mine, the listener and the knower”.

Birth of Mary:

The child was born; it was a girl; fate did not fulfill the mother’s wish. However, all was according to god’s plan.

I entrust Maryam and her next generation to Your protection from the devil’s temptation. Maryam was unlike other girls, but Allah had given her special grace. So Allah handed over the temple, and they started to spend their days and nights remembering Allah.

The Virgin in prayer:

Hazrat Maryam was pious and innocent, with impeccable morals. Every servant of the holy place is thanked and respected by her. They were all interested in marrying her, but it was not written in Qadar. With her excellent manners and good habits, Maryam made a home in the hearts of her servants and sisters.

There was no one to raise Hazrat Maryam; her father, Imran, had died, which explained Maryam’s sorrow.

Guidance to Madonna:

 Finally, the Prophet arrived and took responsibility, as stated in the Holy Quran:

“Finally, his Lord accepted the girl, raised her as a good girl, and appointed Zakariya as her guardian”.

Hazrat Maryam grew up among the pious and worshipers. So he often went to inquire about her well-being. Once Hazrat Zakariya saw that she had food stored with her. He asked where this food came from. She said, “Allah has sent this,” Allah says in the Holy Quran.

Nativity of Christ:

Hazrat Maryam spent the entire day in worship, only leaving when necessary. Hazrat Maryam was alone one day when she noticed a guy approaching her. “I seek refuge from the Most Merciful if you are a hypocrite,” Maryam responded to him.

“I am an angel sent by your Lord to bring you the joyful tidings of a holy boy,” he explained.

Maryam wondered how no male had approached her. The angel stated that with my Lord, the master of the universe, anything is possible.


After a while, on the day of Hazrat Isa’s (peace be upon him) birth, Hazrat Maryam felt concerned, thinking that I might become notorious. So they went to a desolate location and resided on a mound known as Bethlehem. A fountain has been turned on for her.

There is also a date tree nearby; if she shakes its trunk, the dates will fall; drink plenty of water and keep her eyes relaxed.” When she became hungry, Hazrat Maryam began to live alone. When the clock strikes twelve, a son is born. Return to the Rome.

The Divine Testimony of Jesus:

When people find out, they mock her and yell at her. “O sister of Aaron, neither your father nor your mother, was wicked; you have taken disgrace. Finally, hurt by infamy, assuring people of innocence, she got fed up and indicated that this infant would tell everything about me. Then pointed to the child.

People said, “How is it possible that this child will talk?” The child began to speak, “He made me Mother’s servant, He ordered me to pray and Zakat, may Allah not make me rebellious and miserable. Peace be upon me the day I was born, I will die, and I will be resurrected. I am Isa, son of Maryam, speaking crudely. When Allah wants to do something, he points to it, and it gets done. Verily, Allah is my Lord and your Lord, worship Him; that is the straight path”.

Moral Lessons:

From this story of Hazrat Isa ibn Maryam, we can extract

1) The Dominance of Maryam: Maryam was superior to her nation not because she was mother Jesus but because of her Good deeds and Perfect Moral values. Therefore, no one is prior from anyone due to affiliation with anyone but Taqwa

2) Entrust yourself to Allah: Whenever we get into a problem, we should be subjected to this ayat (وَعَلَىٰ رَبِّهِمۡ يَتَوَكَّلُونَ) and entrust ourselves to Allah as Maryam did. Then, Allah will help us in unexpected ways.

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