How to be a Good Wife in Islam 

how to be a good wife in islam

According to our narrations and the lives of the holy individuals, the role of the wife is highly valued in the Islamic faith. 

Therefore, Islam makes the essential adjustments to allow for the development and evolution of family life by valuing the wife’s status in a time and place where women are frequently objectified.

 ” Gabriel has not stopped informing [me] about the rights of women so much [so] that I believed [maybe] a husband does not have the right to exclaim ‘off’ to her,” the Holy Prophet (PBUH) says.

Prophets saying About Good Wives 

  • A wife is the guardian of her husband’s home and children.
  • Therefore, righteous women are devoutly obedient, guarding what Allah would have them guard even in their husband’s absence.
  •  Your finest women are prolific, affectionate, chaste, enamored of their families, and humble to their husbands. She is fortified against others than him, listens to what he says, obeys his orders, and offers herself to him when alone. 

In Hinduism 

A wife under Hindu law is not only a “grahpatni,” but also a “dharma patni” and “shadharmini.” The wife is her husband’s best friend. She is the source of Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksha. The husband is known as Bharti. He is supposed to support his wife.

Rights of Husband upon the Wife in Islam

First of all, a wife should know the rights of her husband over her. The following are the few most important ones. 

Be a helper to your husband.

When this word is used about a wife, it means that women have tremendous power to improve their husbands’ lives. We are designed to help our husbands become all God wants them to be.

Be obedient 

Due to the physical and mental abilities that Allah has only granted to men, as well as the financial responsibilities that He has imposed upon them, Allah has made the man the (protector and maintainer) of the woman by ordering, directing, and caring for her in the same way that guardians care for their charges. 

According to Allah, 

“Men are women’s protectors and maintainers since they spend their resources to do so and because Allah made one of them superior”.   [Al-Nisa]

Being available to her husband

One of the rights a husband should have over his wife is the ability to pleasure her (physically). Therefore, she must submit to him following the contract terms if he wants her to if they get married, and she can have sex.

The Prophet of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) once said:

 “When a husband calls his wife to the bed, and she refuses to him (without any valid reason), and he goes to sleep angry, the angels curse his wife all night.” 

Take His Permission While Fasting 

According to the Prophet, a woman is not permitted to fast while her husband is present, nor is it permissible for a man to invite anyone into his home without his permission; she should not give his money from his wealth without his permission.

 (Al-Bukhari & Muslim) 

Only leave the house with the husband’s consent.

She should only leave the house with his permission, which is one of the husband’s rights over his wife.

She does not have the right to see (even) her sick father without her husband’s consent, according to the Shafi’is and Hanbalis.

Treat him with Respect. 

Moreover, they (women) have rights (over their husbands as far as living expenses) similar (to those of their husbands) over them (as far as obedience and Respect) to what is appropriate, declares Allah (interpretation of the meaning).

 (Baqarah )

Be Honest with Your Husband

A successful relationship depends on two people having good communication based on mutual trust. So trust your husband and be open about your innermost ideas, fears, and concerns.

Play around with him.

 Engage in his favorite activities and regularly scheduled dates, and prepare a special dinner for just the two of you.

Talk to him Gently

While disagreements between husband and wife are common, it is crucial to do so respectfully.

Show kindness, the Prophet (peace be upon him) commanded his wife, Aisha, for when gentleness is present in something, it enhances it, and when it is absent, it detracts from it.

Talk about everything together.

When you get married, talk to your husband about everything, especially when it comes to family issues and raising children.

Show Your Love for Him

Showing your husband your love and affection is one method to becoming a good wife in Islam. So feel free to start it.

Appreciate Him

It must have been quite taxing to work every day to pay the bills. Saying “thank you” or giving him a brief shoulder massage will demonstrate your appreciation for him and that you care.

Enjoy each other’s intimacy.

Sex is unquestionably a necessity for a married pair. In a legal marriage, having intercourse is viewed as a good deed. Allah (SWT) bestows His blessings fully.

Defend your interests.

A good woman is obedient to her husband and performs her duties. However, this does not obligate you to participate in anything he does, especially if he is abusive. Represent yourself and be courageous.


Is there anything Islam forbids between husband and wife?

Nudity and public nakedness are forbidden in Islam, and spouses cannot spill the beans on what goes on between them in private.

What is the point of calling your spouse a wife?

‘Wif’ means ‘woman’ in Old English. The word ‘wife’ still means ‘woman’ in words like ‘midwife’ and ‘fishwife’.

Why do we need wives?

The wife’s role in marriage is essential to bring positivity and strength.

What is a wife’s duty?

The wife’s job is to care for her husband, making food, clothes, and other things. As a mother, she is responsible for her kids’ needs, including their education.

What should wives not say to their husbands?

  • Regret about marrying him 
  • A comparison of your spouse and marriage
  • Family or friend insults
  • Making fun of their hobbies or careers
  • Things that make him feel dumb

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