How to Calculate Mahr in Islam – An Easy Approach 

How to Calculate Mehr

When an Islamic couple marries, the groom owes the bride a debt known as a Mahr, which can take the form of money or material goods. While the Mahr is commonly money, it can also be anything the bride and groom agree upon, including jewelry, household items, furniture, a home, or a plot of land.

In the Quran, there are many explanations about Mahr:

“And graciously give the women their wedding gifts when they get married. However, if they willingly give you anything, accept it with satisfaction and ease” (An-Nisa’) 

Types of Mehr in Islam 

Mahr Muqaddam 

The wife must receive the muqaddam, also known as the prompt Mahr, during or immediately following the marriage ceremony.

Mahr Mu’akharMu’akhar 

The second part of the Mahr is mu’akharmu’akhar. It is deferred and promised sum, payable on any date after the consummation of the marriage, as agreed.

How to Calculate Mehr in Islam 

In Islam, there are no limitations or specifications about the amount of Mahr. Therefore, it could be anything Jewelry, Gold coins, money, or Property depending on the bride’s choice.

 If the husband can give a mahr of $100 US, then the Muslim woman who will become his wife may ask for it.

 But, on the other hand, if the prospective husband can only give $50 US, then the Muslim woman who will become his wife cannot ask for more. That’sThat’s how to calculate Mahr in Islam.

Again, the husband’shusband’s ability to give Mahr should be the primary consideration.

Mufti Menk’s Frame of Thought 

Mufti Menk is very well known; Mahr said that the bride or the woman decides. Therefore, it is the symbol of love and responsibility by the groom that he can take responsibility for his wife and feed her or fulfill her necessities properly.


What is the minimum amount for Mahr?

There is no minimum or maximum limit for the Mehr, although different schools of Islamic thought provide specific numbers by adjusted historic amounts for their modern-day equivalents; that is a conversation for the scholars, well out of my limited purview.

What is a good Mehr amount?

The amount of the Mehr has no upper limit, but it should be reasonable. It is non-refundable and can be anything the parties agree to, including a “heap of gold.”

Can Mahr be returned?

After the husband should take back any part of the Mahr, it is now upon the wife to decide whether she wants to keep everything.

Who has the right over Mahr? 

The sole right over Mahr belongs to the wife whose husband has gifted her. 

Is Nikah valid without mahr?

Marriage is not valid without Mahr. 

Can you pay Mahr after marriage?

Yes, Mehr can be paid at the time of marriage (Mahr Mu’ajjalMu’ajjal) or deferred to a later date (Mahr Muwajjal). 

What happens to Mahr after the divorce?

The Mahr is either promptly given up on the marriage or is deferred to an agreed time in the future, usually upon the husband’shusband’s death or divorce.

Can the bride legally waive the Mahr? 

The Mahr is an enjoined legal obligation on the husband and a legally claimable right of the wife. 

Why do Muslims pay dowry?

A dowry is a form of security or money the wife can use for her benefit upon marriage breakdown.

What happens if Mahr needs to be paid?

 Many of us do not take it seriously, but Mahr is also like the debt tied to the husband’s neck if it remains unpaid at the time of Nikah. 

What is the purpose of Mahr?

In Islamic law, it is a gift or contribution made by the husband-to-be to his wife-to-be, for her exclusive Property, as a mark of respect for the bride, and as recognition of her independence.

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