How to get Married in Islam

how to get married in islam

Nikah is the name for the Muslim marriage contract that the couple signs in the presence of numerous witnesses.

Nikah is not merely a two-person contract. It has effects on society and families. Norms and traditions in society have an impact on marriage. No nikah may be done in a private space as a result.

The following conditions must be met to perform an Islamic marriage (Nikah):

  1. Both parties, or their guardians or representatives, must be present at the proposal and acceptance.
  2. It is necessary to abide by the marriage restrictions in An-Nisa 23, 24, and An-Noor 3, which forbid unions between blood and milk relations.
  3. A bride and groom must be of legal age to marry (they can get married simultaneously or after puberty).
  4. According to An-Noor 24:3,5; Al-Maidah 5:5; and An-Nisa 4:24, the bride and the groom must both be virgins.

According to Islam, a nikah is legitimate if the following requirements are satisfied:

Supervision and testimony 

Wali of the bride, that could be her father, uncle, or brother must be there at the time of Nikah. 

Consensual marriage contract:

 No woman, man, or child shall be wed against their will. The marriage is null and void if one of the parties disagrees with the agreement. 

Announcement of nikah 

Marriage announcements are made throughout weddings, especially during the nikah ritual. Everyone needs to be aware of Nikah as a result.


The bride receives her proportionate legal share from the groom. The Nikah doesn’t need to be legal for the right of Mehr to arise as a natural outcome of the Nikah for the bride.

Steps in Muslim marriages 

Regarding marriage, Muslims adhere to several customs and traditions, including khutbah, Nikah, rukhsati, and walimah, among others, in various Muslim nations and communities.


In this kind of engagement, the couple decides when it would be most convenient to get hitched. Then, they spend this time getting to know one another and our families.


This marriage is formally and legally binding. The Imam, the designated religious leader, or another recognized individual performs the Nikah. The mahr, or marital gift from the groom to his bride, and the nikah khutbah (sermon), are all necessary for binding the pair together in the name of Allah.


 Its literal translation is “sending off.” In the Indio-Pakistan region, this phrase is employed. In It denotes the marriage’s completion. Now that they are apart, the spouses can engage in passionate intimacy.


The groom and his family host a special feast called a walimah, where they invite the bride’s family, friends, and their own to celebrate the marriage. A Prophetic Sunnah that is highly recommended is walimah.


Who pays for Nikah?

Weddings are traditionally paid for by the bride’s family, valimas by the groom’s  

Who signs Nikah first?

Fact: The groom signs the Nikahnama first, and then it is taken to the bride for her signing because the bride has an ultimate say in a Nikah.

In Islam, what is the best month to get married?

Marriages are more common in Shawwal than in Muharram or Ramadan, considered sacred months for Muslims.

Can we do it online, Nikah?

What is the validity of online Nikah ?Regarding the Hanafi School of Thought and Pakistani Marriage laws, online Nikah or Nikah on Skype is valid.

How to marry a girl in Islam?

Khitbah is the Islamic term for engagement. Both men and women can send marriage proposals to their intended spouses. A marriage proposal doesn’t have to be sent by the male or his family; the female or her family may also send it.

Who is a good wife material?

Good wives are domesticated women who know how to handle household chores, who are meek and accepting of whatever little respect they receive, and who place their husbands and in-laws on a pedestal, one who is focused on taking care of the house and not ambitious, and one who knows how to adjust. 

How is Nikah done?

In the Nikah ceremony, the new relationship is brought before Allah. It is customary for couples to stand before the ceremony leader, traditionally an imam, and say “I accept” three times. After completing this portion of their vows, they will sign the marriage contract and become husband and wife.

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