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Comprehensive Islam - Is Red Rooster Halal or Haram

Is Red Rooster Halal or Haram? Let’s check it out. Allah Almighty mentions in the Quran the meats that aren’t allowed to consume, but there are some mistakes by which a slice of halal meat becomes haram. Following are the mistakes given in surah Anam.

  • The meat slaughtered against Islamic laws is impure and haram 
  •  Meat Dedicated to other than Allah is also haram to eat. 

Red Rooster 

The red Rooster is a fast food restaurant because it has a large selection of foods whole roasts, half roasts, wraps, burgers, salads, beverages, and desserts. It is affordable, tasty, and convenient.

 It is an Australian fast-food restaurant chain founded in 1972. 

Is Red Rooster Halal? 

I have given you the overview of today’s blog. How can halal meat become haram due to our mistake? 

Now let’s discuss our central question: Is red Rooster halal? Well before answering this question, we have to look at the menu. The menu itself is full of chicken or dishes made of chicken. 

If we look at the Quran and hadees, eating chicken is halal. So then, why do Muslims ask if red roosters are halal or not? 

Well, it has a long answer. Let me explain in detail. 

Condition for Halal Meat 

There are two conditions for declaring a meat halal or haram  

  • Zabiha 
  • Name of Allah to be taken on slaughtering animals. 

Zabiha and Allah’s Name while slaughtering 

The term zabiha means slaughtering an animal according to commands given by sharia. Therefore, Zabiha is an essential part of slaughtering. Without zabiha, every meat is haram, whether chicken, mutton, or beef.  

Some commands are given below for perfect zabiha. 

  • Prophet Muhammad advised his companion to slaughter the animals in a good way. 
  • He also told his sahabas to sharpen their knives and give as little pain as possible to the slaughtering animal.
  • The animal body has to lose all its blood after slaughtering 
  • The person going to slaughter must be a sane and discriminated Muslim.
  • The name of God (Takbir) is a must while slaughtering the animal a butcher. 

Is Red Rooster Halal or Haram a Detailed Fatwa? 

As I have told you, eating chicken is halal according to every school of thought in Islam, But if it fulfills the condition of zabiha, the name of Allah must be called while slaughtering. 

So, eating from red Rooster or KFC is allowed if they fulfill the criteria mentioned above. 

Even Muslims can eat zabiha done by Christian and Jews because they call the name of Allah while slaughtering. 

You are so eating chicken from a franchise of red Rooster or KFC run by Jew and Christian If you are 100% sure that they have done zabiha. 

An important point to be noted is that usually, all Jews do zabiha. Still, some Christians don’t even know about zabiha. But according to the Quran, we can consume Zabih of Ehle Kitab (Jews, Christians).


Is the Red Rooster gravy halal?

According to the company, Red Rooster offers pork-free beef to all Muslims. So, the chicken slaughtered according to Islamic law is halal, and its curry is also allowed to eat.

Is Red Rooster potato and gravy vegan?

The best answer to this question is “It depends.” The truth is that it’s hard to know if a restaurant is entirely vegan or not because the definition of vegan varies from person to person. However, they use egg and milk in it. 

Are Rooster potatoes healthy to eat? 

Rooster potatoes are a variety of potatoes that are grown specifically for roosters. The potatoes are ordinary but are known for their rich flavor, texture, and vitamins. 

 Is Red Rooster an Australian food restaurant?

 Red Rooster is an Australian fast-food restaurant chain founded in 1972. The red Rooster is famous for being a dish of stewed chicken with many vegetables.

What is the menu of the Red Rooster? 

Rooster’s menu includes Chicken, Beef, Pork, Duck, and Fish. However, all of them are halal except pork.

How do they cook the chicken?

The chickens are cooked whole and then sliced up for you.

What do they serve with the vegetables?

They serve vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, and bok choy.

How do I know what I’m eating?

You can tell if the chicken is fresh by looking at the legs. If the chicken has black legs, it means that it is fresh.

What kind of sauce the Red Rooster serves?

The red Rooster is with a sweet, sour, spicy, or salty sauce.

What are some of the red Rooster foods?

The red rooster foods include steamed buns, red rooster chicken soup, red rooster meatballs, and red rooster dumplings.


Mcdonald’s, KFC, Hungry Jacks, Red Rooster, Subway, and Domino’s all use halal-certified chicken and cheese. So it is Halal to Eat chicken from these brands.

But check that halal-certified badge on the chicken’s packet.

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